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Lin-Mar Farms

We are a foaling, breeding,
young horse
training and equine sport
recovery facility.

Our goal is to provide extensive care and the perfect environment for these wonderful horses and foals as they develop into future sport horses.

We take great pride in the quality of care at our facility and look forward to helping you foal, develop or recover one of your special equine partners.

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Lin-Mar Farms
New Look
We Thank Cimarron Show Stables for the opportunity to have had Esprit de Lys (Mineola Van Her Berkenhof) as a foundation mare for our breeding programme. What a great mare she was, such a great competitor, broodmare and unbelievable character. She is truly missed. We are so thankful to have her offspring to continue her legacy!!!
This is a video of Beaulieu's Conquest
(Conquest Van de Helle) during his stallion approval in Europe. Conquest has produced some great young horses. We are fortunate to have him here in Canada as a breeding stallion and the sire of 2 of our young horses!!
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Premier Show Trunks donates wall box at the Wesley Clover Parks Horse Show
If you would like a trunk donated at your show please contact Premier Show Trunks!!
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Lin-Mar Farms: Foundation Broodmares
Diva (Don Juan X Frescobaldi XX) competed in the 2000 Olympics under
Jay Hayes. She was a gifted jumper and has passed her athletic ability
onto her offspring.