At the age of 32 she still watched over all the horses at the farm, but her favourite job of all was keeping a close eye on all the foals. Mari was a wonderful mother in her own right having 4 foals at a much younger age (Tyme, Jimmie, Amber & Fred).

Tyme at the age of 28 (2013) joined Mari in the unending pasture in the sky. Always in our heart and mind...miss you girls so much.

I thank you MARI
for providng so much joy in my life and being the best horsy friend a girl could ever wish for. I pray we are united forever in spirit.

What a journey we had together. I will miss you so very much, but look forward to seeing you each and every night in my dreams and having you in my thoughts forever. You are truly free now to run and watch over us all without old age slowing you down. We are partners always because I hold your strength, craziness and courage to stand strong in my heart.
  It was a beautiful morning so peaceful and we had such a special time together before we said our "see ya laters".
You will truly be missed and in our hearts forever.
  It was such a pleasure growing older with you.
I wish you a peaceful and happy journey.
Till we meet again CRAZY MAMA!!
Mari is the Mar of Lin-Mar Farms.
She was my friend for 26 yrs, my first horse and my teacher. She is my constant reminder of the unwavering bond that forms between a person and a horse. It is truly amazing when you listen and understand from their eyes.
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