"Carol and Jim have the best mare maternity operation in Ontario. I have had eleven pregnant mares, some with complicated deliveries, and all eleven foals were born safe and sound at Lin-Mar Farms due to their exceptional mid-wifery skills. Their neonatal services are beyond excellent due to Carol's intuition and years of experience in the horse industry and in specialized young horse care. I completely trust their work ethic, professionalism and honesty. I will employ their services for all my future breeding operations."

Renee Marquis


Mare care and foaling board rates:

Mares are monitored 24/7 with
  the aid of video monitoring and
  the Foal Watch system.

Mare in foal $25/day

Foaling charge $400

Mare and foal $30/day

Board rates include full board
grooming, turnout and feeding.
Breeding board rates:

Involves helping with stallion selection, making and attending vet appointments, picking up semen and assisting at
   insemination time.

Mare care $25/day

Board rates include full board
grooming, turnout and feeding.


Premier Show Trunks
Specializing in custom groom boxes, tack and personal trunks.
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