Body Clipping

Show Groom

Equine Transport

Body clipping rates:

Travel fee of $25 (if within 40 min drive from North Gower)

Standard Rates:
Trimming $35 (45 mins)
Trace clip $70 (1.5 hours)
Full body clip $120 (3 hours)

If horses are difficult to clip an extra charge may apply.
Grooming rates:

 Over 20 years of groom experience at top show facilities showing all over Canada and the US. Grand Prix and farm
management experience. Can provide references if interested.

Daily work rate $100.

Exchange grooming for training/showing of our young horses at a show is an option. Can cover short term positions on farm or at shows.
Transport rates:

 We have a 3 horse slant trailer that converts into 2 box stalls. It is ideal for shipping horses long distance especially mares and foals.

Hourly rate $60 (on average)

Rates can vary based on number of horses, travel time and location/destination. Call or email to organize shipping dates and rates.
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